Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Car Seats-Picnics-Bike Rides

My mother and father in law found this bike trailer for the kids at a garage sale and got it for FREE. Bryan and his dad put together these motor bikes. Dax LOVES to ride with him, when they came back Dax said "mom we go FAST".

I think this is how it goes

We decided to try this Chicago Pizza place by our house. It is called Rosati's... let's just say DELICIOUS!!!

A week ago we went to my dads company picnic at Sunset Park. Dax and Bryan didn't get to stay to long. That evening they went with our ward to Armagosa Valley for the Father and Sons camp out. Cannon and I stayed at the park for all the festivities. They had yummy food, jumpy houses, clowns and live music. This is my nephew Treyson part of the clown act.

Cannon and I hanging out. The weather was beautiful.
My other nephew Jackson eating his Icee and his cool tattoo.
Treyson getting his tattoo

The kids loved the jumpy houses
This is the best picture i could get of Dax in his new suit. We made him wear it last Sunday before the weather gets to hot.
Tonight Cannon hit his head on the kitchen table and started to cry. I thought nothing of it until i saw his forehead. He has a nice goose egg on his forehead the size of a quarter. I am not ready for these kind of things with two boys. If they are anything like my husband we will be visiting the Quick Care a lot!

Cannon has been army crawling everywhere. This past week he has mastered the real crawl, but he also thought he would make up for lost time and decided to start pulling himself up. Right now there are only a couple of places he does it... his crib (now we need to lower it again), the bathtub and at my mothers couch.
This kid was getting to heavy to carry in the infant car seat and he was also to big for it. Well i guess i can't call him a baby anymore... he is in a big car seat!
So Dax got a new car seat which he loves because he has more movement. I decided to get a car seat that goes up by the head because my kids like to fall asleep in the car every time we get into it.


Family von Graf said...

Cannon is growing like a weed! You have such a good lookin family.

Parley and Katie Call said...

So THAT is where Dax learned to make that face....and what is with that scary clown? :)

Heather said...

Love all the pixs. Your a crazy, silly and extreme sports family!!! Nice knee!