Sunday, September 7, 2008

Busy Summer

This summer has been busy especially August.
In July it was Bryan's and my birthday. We had a swim birthday party at my mom and dads.

In August we went up to Mt. Charleston for a picnic with our friends.

I forget how pretty Mt. Charleston is and it's so close.

Dax and his girlfriend Reese, yes they're holding hands. A couple weeks later we decided to camp in Mt. Charleston with some friends

all the kids camping

Then off to Dana Point, California, for camping on the beach. We rented a cruise america RV with Bryan's sister and brother in law to drive down there. I was afraid of Dax and the ocean (it being his first time) but he did really well. When Bryan or I walked down to the water he would come, but other than that he would sit and play in the sand for hours. Lets just say he is not afraid of the water...he thought it was fun to let the wave pull him back into the ocean. It was lots of fun! Lukas, Deven and Dax
Then for our final camping trip of the summer we headed to Tushar Lakeside in Beaver Utah. We went so Bryan and I could spend some time with our Nephew before he entered the MTC.
Mike and Shari (Bryan's sister)

Friday, September 5, 2008


On the 14th of this month Dax will start nursery. I can not believe that my baby is almost 18 months. Every time i look at him he is just this little boy that wants to climb, play in the dirt and do everything to get messy.

Bryan and I were called to Nursery leaders, so Dax has been in nursery for a little over two months. But starting on the 14th he goes to a different nursery class with Godfather Parley (We just call him that). We will see how he does.

Dax colored this hat in nursery...and i was really surprised on how long he kept it on. He probably wanted to be like the big kids.