Saturday, September 29, 2007

Back to Vegas

We had left so early that by the time we had got to Nephi, UT Bryan needed a while he was taking his nap Dax and I walked to this little stream behind the gas station and looked around.

Real Salt Lake vs. LA Galaxy

After we spent the day shopping at all my favorite stores in Salt Lake...we went to the soccer game. It was my first MLS game...before i married Bryan i didn't even watch soccer, but now i have no choice he is a HARD CORE soccer person!!! So that means Dax will start soccer probably as soon as he can walk. It was a lot of fun though...i think it is a sport i can really like.

Nate, Brian, Bryan, Me, & Dax

Uncle B and Dax

Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy Team)

Brian, Eddie Pope, Dax, & Bryan

Friday, September 28, 2007

Shopping at IKEA

We went up to Salt Lake to watch Real Salt Lake Soccer play the LA Galaxy, but before the game I had to go shopping at my favorite place in the world.....IKEA!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lukas David Ritchie

My sister in law Krista had her baby boy on Sept. 17th. He weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz. and 19 inches. Congrats Guys!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

6 Months

I took a couple of snap shots of Dax on his 6 month birthday. I can't believe he is half a year old, before i know it he is going to be a year old. Where did my baby go?

San Gennaro Feast

We went to the San Gennaro Feast a little over a week ago with some friends.

Us at the carnival.

The VanWagoner Family

Bryan, Jill, Seth and Reese eating Italian Ice.

Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles

We went to LA a week ago to go see a Dodgers game. Some of Bryan's friends that he works with came along too. Troy has been telling us about this restaurant in LA that is the best!!! Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles (YUMMY IN THE TUMMY!!).

Josh and Troy at Roscoe's

Daxton in the car on the way down to LA.

Bishop family at the Dodgers game.

Bryan & Dax at his first baseball game.

Dax loves to Swim

We went swimming over Labor Day weekend. From the day he was born he is constantly kicking his legs, when we put him in his turtle float he would start to kick so much that it pushed him all over the pool. Maybe one day he will be a great swimmer.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


When Dax was about 4 months his first two bottom teeth came in...i just barely got a picture of them. One day after he was done eating his bottle i sat him up and was playing with him and noticed a white something on his gums and of course it was a tooth. I didn't even know he was teething and then a couple of days latter the next one came in. My sister says if he keeps going this way his going to have a steak for his 1st birthday. I will try to get a better picture latter.

Some more cute pics of Dax

I was down at my parents house one night hanging out and i had to run to the store so i left Daxton with them, well i guess he noticed that i was gone and started to cry plus it was almost time for bed. Well when i came back this is where i found him on papas chest asleep...HE LOVES PAPA!!!

Some pictures i took of Daxton after he was done eating

Who does Dax look like???

So when Dax was born everyone said he looked like Bryan, but now we get alot of comments that he looks like me. Bryan and I think that he has a good mixture of both of us. We can see some of me and some of Bryan. Here is a picture of me at 5 months and i believe this is a picture of Bryan at 5 months too and the same of Dax. What do you guys think...who does Daxs look like?



1st Camping Trip

About a month ago we went up to Mt. Charleston with some friends and camped for the night. It was so nice it got a little cold a night but during the day it was 80. This is my kind of camping going up for a day or two.

A night by the camp fire all bundled up

I love this picture of him in all of his camo stuff(you can see it better in the one below). Between my mom and I we had bought him some pants before he was born according to his month size that he would be this winter and is fitting them all now in August and Sept. So when we went camping i was excited because he got to wear a pair of them. Hopefully he slows down just a little so that maybe he can wear them a little bit this winter.

My friend Jill and I and Dax and his girlfriend Reese

You can never go camping without bouncers if you have baby's they are lifesavers.

Coopers Blessing

I am so far behind in pictures it is not funny. This is coopers blessing, cooper is the cousin right after dax on the bishop side so they are only like 3 months apart.

On the Bishop side of cousins there are two sets of close aged cousins i guess you can say. Starting from right to left it go Jace, Holland and Dax and they are all 9 months apart.

And then the second set of close cousins are Dax, Cooper and Kristas baby that is going to be born this month(its a boy) and they are all 3 months apart.