Sunday, October 21, 2007

New PJ's

I had to go and buy Dax so more PJ's because this kid won't stop growing like a weed. I found these vintage cowboy PJ's at Target on sale and had to get them...he looks like such a little boy...and the size is 12 months and the kid is only 7 months old. He also got his second hair cut...alot shorter. I will post pictures of it later when it is all styled. In this picture he has bed head.

Dax looks so different black hair... i think this last hair cut made him a blondie.

More teeth

So about 2 weeks ago Dax's top two teeth broke through and then not to long after we noticed that the two teeth that go next to the top two front teeth on each side have started to come in. Poor kid no wonder he has been a little bit fussy i would with 4 teeth coming in at once. I guess it is a good thing that they are coming in all at once. The only way i will have to worry about him choking on food is if he doesn't chew his food and just swallows because he will have plenty of teeth to chew with. This picture was just a quick snap i didn't think i was going to get a picture of his teeth so close.

His dental hygienist (Aunt Dea) says that he has good spacing for when his other teeth come in.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Picking Pumpkins

Every year we go down to the Gilcrease Orchard to pick pumpkins with the family. Here are some pictures of Daxtons first time picking pumpkins.

It was very windy...but we still had lots of fun. Daxtons hair in this picture makes me laugh...he looks like a mini Einstein... all crazy!

Andrea picking pumpkins for Jackson.

Dad, Andrea, Bryan, Dax and I went looking for tomato's for Grammie.

What is this??

As we were leaving the hospital on Tuesday we sat Dax down on the grass to see how he liked it. He was ok with it for a second but by the second picture he decided he didn't like it.

Daxton, Ty and Treyson

Pictures of Jackson

I finally got my camera to work right. Here are some pictures of our new cousin/nephew.

Jackson holding Grammies finger.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Dax eating or sleeping

I had started to feed Dax and only after 5 bites he fell asleep.

Our visit with Lukas

We finally got down to see Deven and Lukas. I love seeing new babies it reminds me of how small Dax use to be. They grow up to fast...before i know it Dax will be on his mission, but for now i will just enjoy him and his BIG smile.

Deven, Dax, Lukas

Deven and Dax

I love fall

I love this time of year...cooler weather, fall colors, fall decorations and fall deserts. While we were in Salt Lake i finally found this table to go behind my i can put all my holiday decorations on it.

Now i want to make some deserts with pumpkin in it.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jackson Lee Mott

My sister had her first baby today at 4:08 pm...he weighed 7 lbs 4 ozs. and 20 inches long. I am so proud of her she is a trooper...she made it seem so easy that i think i want to try having my next child vaginal. She went like text book and after 15 mins. of pushing Jackson Lee Mott was here. Pictures to come either on our blog or my sister Heathers blog. I couldn't get my pictures to upload right.