Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer Days

While the boys were out at the lake playing us girls decided to have a girl play date- swim party. It was lots of fun- swimming in the cool pool, eating lots of pizza and laying in the hot sun.

Lake Mead Trip

So Bryans dream finally came true...we bought a boat with a couple of our friends. Here are some pictures of the fun! The next pics will be better we are waiting for some things that we purchased for the the tower, so next time i will get pics of them wakeboarding.

Bryan, Ethan and Ryan on the tube

The Vanwagoner Family

Bryan, Danny and Jill

Some cliff jumping (Seth and Josh)

Josh thought he could walk on water. He is actually standing on a little island that is how low the water at Lake Mead is in some areas.

More Cakes

My sister wanted a Barbie cake for her birthday

This is a Ice Cream Cake i made for my dad for his birthday...this cake was very yummy!!!


Nicole these cakes are nothing like the cakes you have made i am kind of embarrassed to put them up on the blog. When you come down you are going to have to show me how you do yours.

My sister wanted me to make a tooth cake for her graduation party from dental hygiene program at Community College. So this was a test cake, it was the first time that i worked with i made a cake for Mothers Day.

This is a picture of us girls on Mothers Day (left to right) Me, Heather, Mom, Nana, and Andrea

What i learned from making this cake is that you have to allow yourself hours upon hours of time or even days before for all the work. I cooked the cake and put the filling in the middle of the cake the day before. I put the frosting and fondant on the cake the day of, but i also had to work that day and so lets say i was rushed to get it done before the party started. If i could do it all over again i would just have the cake done the day before so it is ready to go or just don't work the day of and have the day to decorate it. I really love to make cakes i just haven't got around to doing it much- maybe i will start experimenting again.

Here are some of the other cakes that i have made

Banana Turtle Cake

Friday, June 15, 2007

Bad Habit

So i have learned a little about Dax if he is really quite he is either sucking his thumb or really sleeping. But lately every time i check on him he is sucking on his thumb, i am afraid to say it i have a thumb sucker...i am continually pulling his thumb out and putting a binkie in. Any advise on how to brake him of it???

Ronald McDonald 5K Run

Here is a couple pictures of Bryan's first 5k run...he placed 4th in his age division. I am so proud of him!

Dax's first Smile

I was sitting him in the chair in his nursery to take his 2 month pictures. He had smiled before but i had not been able to catch it on lets just say i snapped away!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Baby Carter

Our friends had their first baby in May. Here are some pictures of Daxton and Carter on their first get together.

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Blessing

I never thought this day would end or week...with all the preparation of the food for the lunch after the blessing it was a very busy week. I have to say it turned out nice the weather was not to hot so we could eat outside and we had some awesome food...of course my favorite Mexican. We had homemade taquitos, enchilada's, and chimichungas plus all the yummy stuff that goes with it too.

(Daxtons cousins on Bryans side)
(Daxtons cousins on Kims side)

Daxton's girlfriend

We were at our friends daughters birthday party and we laid Daxton and Reese down by each other and before we knew it they were holding hands. (I love the look on their faces)

Pictures of Dax

Here are some pictures of Daxton.
After 18 hours of labor we had to have Daxton by c-section. He was born March 13, 2007 8 lbs. 9 oz. 20 inches @ 5:46 pm. Bryan looks so cute in his scrubs! He is my McDreamy!

These are three of my favorite pictures of Daxton

(He looks like a little man)

Our first family Easter picture. We were running late for church, but we need to hurry and take a picture because Bryan had to go to work right after our camera is sitting on a little tripod on his car. I can't complain at least we have the majority of us in it.

(Mr. Cool Dude)

(Parley, Daxton and Bryan)

Daxton first UNLV basketball game

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wranglers vs Salmon Kings (Queens)

We went to a Wranglers hockey game and Bryan decided to make fun of the other team. Lets just say the pictures explain themselves.

Harder than i thought

Ok well here i go...thought i would try to create a blog so we could keep in contact with friends that moved away and friends here. At first i did not know what i was doing, but now that i have been on the computer for three - four hours i think i have the hang of it.