Friday, October 10, 2008

i LOVE Halloween

I love Halloween so much that i put up my decorations in September so i could use them longer. Bryan said i could only put up my inside decor in September but once October came i had all my outside decor up. I am not the only person that loves this holiday so husband has already planned how he is going to scare the trick or treaters. Usually he just does a ghost in front of the door but this year it has moved to the back yard (a little haunted house). So if any of you want to come by on Halloween your more than welcome.

My inside decor

on the top of the table is my new boo sign from Art in the Park
The outside Decor

The Graveyard

My new spider...he is huge

I have been in a crafty mood. So here is my new Halloween Decor.

My sister in laws Terressa and Tara got together this week and made this wreath. It was a lot of fun...i have never made a wreath before. We took Halloween photos and laminated them and burned the edges of them.

And my last crafty project. Terressa and I made these Reese's Peanut Butter Cup buckets.

Terressa's Baby Shower

Us Bishop sister's and sister in laws threw a baby shower for our sister in law Terressa.

The Bishop Girls

(Kim, Kim, Shari, Terressa, Tara, Krista and Mom)

Our huge salad bar!! There was everything you could think of to put on a salad.

Cute monkey cake (mom made) and party favors

We can't wait for Baby Bishop to come ( My vote is for Rutger Bishop)