Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trip to Ogden

Quincy St (This street is right by my mother in laws house in Ogden where she grew up)

We went to Ogden, UT this past week for Bryan's grandma's funeral. The service was so beautiful and not a dry eye in the chapel. It was snowing all day long and the high for the day was 24 degree's. That is cold for us Vegas people. I was so excited to go up to the snow with my new camera i got for Christmas. I love taking pictures of the trees in the snow. Dax found the glass at Grandma's condo
boys hanging out on the bed in the hotel

Standing up and Walking

When Dax figured out crawling we would just put everything that was on the floor up. Well now that he can stand up and walk a little...how much higher can we put stuff up so he wont get into anything?

Update on the Bishop Family

Again life has been super busy! Bryan started his new job (well same place) as a bellmen. He loves not running and getting a car. Dax has had his 3rd hair cut and also loves getting into things he is not supposed to. He has learned how to stand up, put everything in his mouth that he finds and in the past week has taken 4-5 steps with his walker. We also had to make a quick trip to Ogden, UT for Bryan's grandma's funeral. That's our life in a nutshell.

Dax on New Years

Right before he got a haircut

Getting into things he shouldn't

Friday, January 11, 2008

Trip to Parowan

We went to Parowan for Reagan Askeroths blessing. It was a blast being able to hang out with all of Bryan's old friends. It has been over a year since Bryan, Tom, Austin and Brian have been together in the same place. It was like little boys in a candy store.

Lilly, Dax and Cali
Emily, Reagan and Tom

After the blessing and the luncheon they decided to do some indo boarding. Here are the good pictures.




Breakfast with friends

The day after Christmas Bryan and I got together with our friends for breakfast. Plus i was excited to try Dax's new highchair out. I really do love this highchair for going out. He loves to be there right at the table.

Daxton's new highchair

Brian & Michelle

Tom, Reagan, Dax and Bryan

Michelle, Me, Dax, Em, Reagan and Cali (The Girls)

The boys and their babies (Tom and Reagan, Bryan and Dax) and (Brian and Cali ...i think they look like father and daughter j/k)

Friday, January 4, 2008

9 months...Crawling and 1st Stomach Bug

On Daxton's 9 month mark he decided to crawl. He totally skipped the rocking back and forth and falling on his stomach... he just took off!! I am in trouble now...he is such a FAST crawler...if he is quiet i know he has crawled somewhere and found something on the floor. I guess it is not a bad thing i have to keep my house clean more often.

Also just a few days after he started crawling he was the first in our family to get the stomach bug...lets just say it is not fun having your child throw up all over you in the middle of the night. Since he was sick and his crib sheets need to be washed in the middle of the night we put him in his take along crib in our room. I used to be able to put Dax in his crib and he would put him self to sleep but since he was sick now the only way i can get him to fall asleep is to rock him and every night it takes a good 20 minutes for him to fall asleep. If i lay him in his crib awake he starts to scream bloody murder.

Any advise on how to retrain him to put him self to sleep again???

Christmas 2007

We had an eventful Christmas...Bryan had to work on Christmas eve so Dax and I went to my parents house and had pizza (we usually have pizza by candle light) but this year we just had pizza. Papa (my dad) also read Daxton and Jackson a Christmas story.
On Christmas day we opened our gifts at our house and then headed over to Grammy and Papa's for breakfast, exchange gifts and hang out. Later that evening we went to Bryan's brothers house for dinner and also exchanged gifts. We had a very busy Christmas but we loved every minute of it. Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful gifts.
Bryan and Dax opening gifts at our house

I love this face he is so excited

I think by the end of Christmas he had the hang of it.

Junkie Party

Sorry it has been so long since we have posted...between Christmas, New Year's, and being sick (Bryan, Dax and I having a stomach bug and at the end of the week i had pneumonia) time flew.

Every year Bryan's side of the family has a Junkie Party where we buy 5 dollar gifts and play a game with them. It is such a blast every year...we go out to Aunt Ruth Ann and Uncle Brent's house where we have yummy food, play games, and hang out. Thanks again Aunt Ruth Ann for everything you do.