Friday, June 4, 2010

Camping at Valley of Fire

We invited ourselves at the last minute to go camping with Bryan's brother and his family. My nephew Drake decided that we should camp at Valley of Fire... instead of Mt. Charleston. He was my favorite nephew at some times and not so much at other times (i liked him at night because it wasn't that cold, but during the day it was HOT). All in all we had a blast! All Dax can talk about is camping. So he is really excited for when we going camping on the beach this month. Thank goodness these boys feel asleep on the way there.

I can't believe how old Cannon is getting. In July he will be a year.

This is how we roll. If we have another kid we will not be able to sleep in the truck anymore. Which i love because we are up off the ground. Bryan and I sleep in the bed of the truck and cannon sleeps in the 2nd seat and Dax sleeps in the front seat on a air mattress.
My sister in law Tara washing so dishes. I probably should be helping her instead of taking this picture.
After the boys got their PJ's on it was play time on mommy and daddy's bed.
Dax wasn't to happy when i told him we had to leave.
Cannon is the BEST baby ever. I would just put him in here and he would play for hours.
We packed up our campsite and drove to Mouse's Tank for a hike

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Our Little Family said...

Way fun! your boys are too cute! getting so big! we miss seeing all of you from time to time! so sad!