Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1st Cleaning and New Flowers

So i decided the other day that i haven't done any pictures of Cannon since he was 4 months. Now he is 9 going on 10 months. Where has the time gone. We just bought some new flowers for our front door...so i decided to take pixs of them. So here is Cannon's 9 month pixs! He sits up on his own, he talks up a storm, army crawls, loves real food (doesn't want anything to do with the baby mush) and just makes us smile all the time. I love him so much.

Dax also wanted to be part of the fun.

Dax had his first teeth cleaning. He did so well ( I think it helped that it was Aunt Dea) a little nervous at first, but he laid there and let her polish, do a fluoride treatment and even let her scrap some plaque off of his teeth. His favorite part was sucking the water out of his mouth. I am so proud of him.
Aunt Dea and Dax


Family von Graf said...

Your boys are so cute!

Lori Pryor said...

Gorgeous pictures Kim!!! I have SUCH a crush on your camera, as you know. In fact, tell your camera to call me!!! Those boys are serious cutie pies. Love them! And way to go Dax for being so cool about getting his pearly whites all spic and span. Awesome!

Heather said...

Aunt Dia cleaned our teeth too!