Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sprinkler Time

A week or so ago the weather got to 100 degrees so we thought we would let Dax run in the sprinkler and have fun. I didn't think he would actually get in it. Oh my little boy!!

SoMe FuN pIcS

We had a picnic at Aliante Park with some friends and Dax went down the slide for the first time.
Bryan and Dax at Uncle Joeys paintball tournament
Cousin Jackson and Dax at Mommy and Me group
We went to Red Rock with some friends to go hiking and for a picnic

LV 51's

The LV 51's had a day game so we went to watch some baseball. I was nervous because it was sunny out and Dax doesn't really like to keep a hat on. He surprised me and did very well. After we went with some friends to M & M chicken and waffles for some yummy food. Dax loved the waffles!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Toys

For the longest time i have been wanting to get a jogging stroller, but i wanted to get a double so that when we do have another child we dont have to purchase a new one. We finally found a nice used one at the Childrens Orchard for only 100.00 they usually go for 300 to 500. We also saw this hiking backpack there.

Pump it Up

We went to a birthday party at Pump it up awhile ago. Dax wasn't to sure about the big slide but he sure liked the little car.