Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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1. Jobs I've had: Ok so lets see if i can remember all of these. My first job was a lifeguard for the City of Las Vegas in the summers while i was in high school then i worked at United Title after high school then the Girl Scouts for a couple of years then got an itch and moved to Cedar City and go to SUU but only lasted a month in the snow and worked at Southern Utah Title. Moved back to Vegas and the lovely Girl Scouts took me married needed more money for bills and worked at Nevada Title for a couple of years and quit before i had Dax.

2. All the places I have lived: Las Vegas and Cedar City, UT...what a boring life i know. But if we had to move I would want to move to Seattle or Vancouver Canada. Went there on a high school trip and loved it.

3. 4 favorite movies: Pretty much any chick flick even if it is cheesy. Steel Magnolias, Beaches, Friday and Now and then.

4. 4 favorite foods: Anything to do with Mexican i am there. Cafe Rio here i come. I also like salads, Hawaiian food and Chinese.

5. 4 weird things about me: I love to twist my hair, i usually twist when i am tired or bored. It is so relaxing to me. I use to twist my hair so much on the right side when i was little...that i barely had any hair left on the that side. I also love to entertain but hate to clean my house knowing that i will have to clean it again later. So i am usually up late cleaning again. Another is when i see something i want i am impatient and want to buy it then. My husband on the other hand will make me wait and go look at it 3 or 4 times before we buy anything.

6. 4 favorite shows: Grey's Anatomy, Biggest Loser, Hells Kitchen and the Hills

7. Places I'd love to go: Hawaii, for some weird reason i have always wanted to go to Maine, Paris and Argentina where my husband went on his mission.
This is my Tag
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some cute pictures of Dax

I was looking through my pictures and i found this one of Dax. I swear every time i look at it i get the biggest smile on my face. I need to put it in my purse to have with me.

Dax and his cousin Holland on his 4-wheeler that he got for his birthday

Friday, April 18, 2008

More pictures of Zion/Ponderosa/Easter

Here are some pictures of the cabin we stayed in at Ponderosa.
Andrew, Dax, Aiden and Lexi Dax playing rock bandDax waiting for his picture to be takenEaster egg hunt at the cabin
(Dax loves to share is stuff with you)

Some pictures of our hike in Zion

team work i am filming Bryan and he is taking the picture

Easter pictures in Vegas

Ty, Dax, Treyson and Jackson

More Birthday Pics

Well i never got my computer fixed, but i outsmarted it. I took my pictures to walmart printed them and put them onto a CD. Well here are the rest of the birthday pictures that were taken. Thanks to everyone that helped it turned out so nice.

Singing Happy Birthday to Dax

Dax, Carter and Jackson

The birthday sign that Uncle Justin made

Daxs birthday cake i made (if you can't tell it is a prince crown)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Uppercase Living Independent Demonstrator

Hey everyone!! I'm a Uppercase Living Independent Demonstrator now. It is beautiful decorative vinyl lettering that you see on boards or walls. If you would like to view the catalog or customize your own expressions go to
Click on Customer Corner -Register
Demonstrator ID: 279410
Token: bishop
Just register with a user name.

If you would like to host an Open House, it is the perfect way to earn free product! You can spend time with your friends while sharing this exciting product. Contact me to learn more about how you can host an Open House today! Also if you just want to place an individual order even if you live out of state...just call or email me.

Kim Bishop
Uppercase Living
Independent Demonstrator
(702) 285-9107