Saturday, September 29, 2007

Real Salt Lake vs. LA Galaxy

After we spent the day shopping at all my favorite stores in Salt Lake...we went to the soccer game. It was my first MLS game...before i married Bryan i didn't even watch soccer, but now i have no choice he is a HARD CORE soccer person!!! So that means Dax will start soccer probably as soon as he can walk. It was a lot of fun though...i think it is a sport i can really like.

Nate, Brian, Bryan, Me, & Dax

Uncle B and Dax

Landon Donovan (LA Galaxy Team)

Brian, Eddie Pope, Dax, & Bryan

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Cherine said...

Hey Kim Whats up? Now you see why the crazy Santiago's were so buck wild soccer freaks. Gotta love the game!!!! If your hubby is a crazed fan than brace yourself for never having Saturdays again. They will be full of soccer games and tournies!!! Good luck with all that. I have some MLS hook ups so if yuor in town look me up. I am in Provo!!!

P.S Cute family!!!