Sunday, September 9, 2007

1st Camping Trip

About a month ago we went up to Mt. Charleston with some friends and camped for the night. It was so nice it got a little cold a night but during the day it was 80. This is my kind of camping going up for a day or two.

A night by the camp fire all bundled up

I love this picture of him in all of his camo stuff(you can see it better in the one below). Between my mom and I we had bought him some pants before he was born according to his month size that he would be this winter and is fitting them all now in August and Sept. So when we went camping i was excited because he got to wear a pair of them. Hopefully he slows down just a little so that maybe he can wear them a little bit this winter.

My friend Jill and I and Dax and his girlfriend Reese

You can never go camping without bouncers if you have baby's they are lifesavers.

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