Sunday, September 9, 2007

Some more cute pics of Dax

I was down at my parents house one night hanging out and i had to run to the store so i left Daxton with them, well i guess he noticed that i was gone and started to cry plus it was almost time for bed. Well when i came back this is where i found him on papas chest asleep...HE LOVES PAPA!!!

Some pictures i took of Daxton after he was done eating


Heather said...

Dax is soooo Cute! His eye are so Blue. Way Cute!!!

The Askeroths said...

Cute pictures. He looks so grown up! Hey, my sister Maggie is sending you guys a wedding invite. We're hoping to be in town that weekend (if this baby decided to come out and join us sometime soon!) and want to see ya. Tell Bryan to get the night off so that we can get our babies together!


Tracy said...

Your baby is sooo freakin cute!!