Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We did a lot of this...


Between camping on the beach in San Diego and 2-3 times in Mt. Charleston we had our fare share of camping. But when it is 120 out in LV the best place to be is camping! When ever Dax looks at a mountain he asks when are we going camping again. Dax's favorite things to do camping are

~find pine cones
~dig in the dirt
~put wood in the fire
~sleep in his Toy Story sleeping bag
~and play with his cousins or friends

things i hate about camping...
~ all the clothes i have to pack and
~all the clothes and bedding i have to wash and put away

But all and all it is fun and a cheap thing to do in the summer and fun to be with family and friends!

I lost count of how many times i had to wipe Dax down with wet wipes because he kept doing this.
Cannon didn't like it so much being in the pack and play. But he was not a walker yet and with our experience on the beach with the sand, i decided he should be in here.
Dax loved to put wood on the fire and wear his beanie inside out.
My favorite boys
Mitch and Gage
Shari and Parker
My sister in law Tara and niece Lexi
Daddy and Cannon eating yummy breakfast
My sister in laws Tara and Shari
Bryan's brothers Justin and Chad
Jace and Dax loved the fire pit

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Lori said...

Our Pack n' Play saved my life when we camped in August ... pre-walking for Anistyn as well, there wouldn't have been enough wet wipes in the world to undo what was done. Looks like you guys had a great time. Let me know when we're doing more invitation ... just come over.