Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cannon's 1st Birthday

I know i am way behind on posting. Every time i sit down to post i am either tired or just tired. Cannon turned 1 in July. The kid loves any kind of ball (Soccer, Basketball, football you name it), so we decided to have a sport theme birthday party. Of course we had it at Grammie and Papa's so we could swim. I can not believe my Can Can is one! Where does the time go! You always think that about your first child, but really the more kids you have the faster it flies by. I love this little boy so much! Every morning when i get him out of his crib i am greeted with a smile and he always points to his soccer ball bank and says ball!
My two boys with the same birthday July 13th
Our Concession Stand (Hot Dogs, Nacho's w/Chili, Pretzel's and Pickle's)
Swimming with the cousins. Best thing about having a birthday in the summer!
Sports Cupcakes

A fun picture
He loved the cake
Cannon's cute hat he got from Parley and Katie
We celebrated Bryan's birthday on Sunday (Happy 30th)


Parley and Katie Call said...

Cute boys! I love that the frosting turned gray. And I can't wait til that hat fits him.

Lori said...

And Anistyn's offer still stands ... if things don't work out with Camille ... you know ... she's available. =)