Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stuff we have been up to before and after Cannon was born

Three weeks before i had Cannon a bunch of my friends and family members had babies. Some of them we have not been able to take pictures with yet. But here are some. There are like 5 more babies that were born at the same time. So fun!

Our friends baby Brody and Cannon
My cousins baby girl Peyton and Cannon
first time in his cradle

Since we were going to be in the hospital having Cannon on Bryan's birthday we celebrated it early. Bryan wanted to eat Verrizano's Pizza and let the kids run around at the water park.

The week before i had Cannon we were invited out to Pirate's Cove in Boulder City to go swimming. We went last year and only looked around because Bryan had to work, but this year we made sure we brought our swim suit. Yes this is my husband jumping off the eagle nest ( i think that is what they are called).

Dax was in heaven with all the pirate stuff. He kept saying a pirate says arrrrrgh
Dax and Parker

A little warming up in his pirate blanket


The Johnson Five said...

Cannon is a mini Dax!!! So cute!

Parley and Katie Call said...

All I have to say is AAARRRGGGHH!

Heather said...

Arrgh....Love the pix w/ the pirate, way COOL!