Thursday, July 2, 2009

FHE/Drive In

What we have been up to besides getting ready for Cannon to come. It was our turn to host FHE at our house for the month of June. We had Olive Garden theme for dinner. I think it turned out better then Olive Garden food. We had the tour of Italy....lasagna, chicken parm, fettuccine Alfredo, salad, and bread sticks. For dessert i made their Black Tie Cheesecake and we also had Italian Ice. Yum Yum in my tummy!

Even family style eating

We went to the drive in with Bryan's brother and family a couple of weeks ago to watch UP. It was a blast the weather was nice and we put our chairs in the back of our trucks and closed the tailgate to keep the kids in. It worked out great and Dax sat threw the whole movie.

Us getting ready
The cousins


Andrea, Joey, & Jackson Mott said...

fun pics, what up with Jackson not in any of them though, I see how it is. just kidding. the sky looks cool in those pics. love your guts

Andrea, Joey, & Jackson Mott said...

yo yo that food was dang good, we should do it again. but then the food on saturday is going to scrumdiddaly-yummy too. you are the best cook i know oh next to kar-bear

Andrea, Joey, & Jackson Mott said...

oops!! i didn't think my first comment stuck so I commented a second time, you lucky duck you, three times in 3minutes. whoo-hoo

Mandi Roth said...

What a fun FHE!! Yummy food and great family! Love the drive in movie thing. Sounds fun!