Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July/Dimaya

We had a very fun filled 4th of July this year. My husband and his best friend put on a firework show ever year...and each year it gets bigger and bigger the past two years my brother brings his DJ stuff so we can hear the music that the fireworks go to. Dax and I started the day off at my mothers house swimming with cousins and eating some yummy Mexican food. Then we headed over to Uncle Brian and Michelle house for a BBQ swim party before the fireworks. This is a picture of us after church today... didn't even realize that we were all patriotic.

Joey and Jack Jack
Dax, Ty and Treyson having there fun with sparklers before the big show
DJ Caleb, Joey, Jackson, Dea and David
Lots of people this year.
Bryan and Dax... Dax had no nap and was he cranky
Me and my cute boy
Me at 38 weeks-One more week to go!!!!

One of Brian's friends recorded the show last night and posted to enjoy!!


Mandi said...

What a fun party!! you look so cute! Can't wait to see your new little one.

Heather said...

I can see Brian dancing in the video better on your blog then on youtube.

The Ritchie's said...

oh, man!! Looked like fun. Wish Derek would have let us go. Oh, well. It's better for the baby. But my brother and friends are awesome. Great job!

Grandmavickey said...

Hi you guys. I heard the baby is coming on Monday--I hope everything goes well for everyone. May God bless.