Saturday, July 24, 2010

Camping on the Beach and Sea World

I know i am so behind on pictures. The last week in June we started our trip in Old Town San Diego and went to the Mormon Battalion, it was lots of fun and also interesting to learn about some history. They have a lot of hands on things to do. The next two days we went to Sea World. Dax had so much fun at Sea World he loved seeing all the animals. Then we headed down to San Elijo State Beach where we camped for four nights and played on the beach during the day. I wish we were back there already. The weather never went above 70.

Uncle Mitch and Dax panning for gold.
Dax and Grandma planning the rest of the day.

Waiting for the show to start.
The flowers there were so pretty.

This is Dax's new pose.
Oh no don't eat us!!
Cannon and Brooke had fun in a toddler size play area with foam blocks.

On our way down to the camp site we stopped in Carlsbad and picked strawberries that were soooooo delicious.
Cannon and Brooke waiting in the stroller for the tents to be put up.
Dax and Cooper wanting to have a sleep over.
Look very close...yes he has a sand beard. The kid ate about 30 fist fulls of sand in one day. At first i tried to stop him, but i just let him have fun. His diapers on the other hand were a bit different.

Our traditional family pic on the beach.
Dax played for hours with cousins in the sand.
My sister in law Shari found many things threw out the week including this snail. She also found jellyfish and we also watched a girl that was fishing catch a baby shark.
Cannon loved taking naps on the beach.
This is the way we walked to the beach everyday from our campsite.

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Parley and Katie Call said...

Love your family pic on the beach. I'm so glad Dax got to meet Shamu!