Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cowboy Birthday

Wow!! I can not believe that my boy is 3 years old. He could not sleep all night. All through the night he would wake up and ask if the sun was up yet. We started the day off with breakfast scones. Then we headed over to the park to decorate for his party, but the weather had other things in wind-lots of wind. About 45 minutes before the party started we decided to move it to our house. So for the next 45 minutes i hurried and cleaned up the down stairs...including about 8 box's and bag's of canned food for a food drive. Once the party started Dax had a blast with all of his friends and that is what matters.

Birthday scones for breakfast. He was to interested in his TV show to smile for the camera.
His birthday gifts from us. i just love this smile he is getting so big.
The cowboy food for 3 year old. Apple slices, BBQ chicken bites, mac and cheese, rolls and root beer.
Table (we spray painted rocks from our front yard) and root beer candy
Party Favors
My brother in law Justin made these saloon doors out of cardboard and paint
He also mad the Root beer barrel
Papa, Dax, Bryan and Cannon in their cowboy shirts
Bryan and the boys
Bryan took them out for a ride
My cousin Wyndee and her two girls Peyton and Brynlyn
Dax and Jackson
Jackson and my sister Andrea
For one of our games we had them look for gold in the sand and then wash it off.
The other game was pin the badge on Deputy Dax

Grandma and Dax
Cousin Jackson


Lori said...

Happy Birthday again to young Dax! You guys went ALL OUT on his special day ... that's so awesome! Ashy sure had a great time ... and we're still getting oodles of use out of that hat and scarf ... gracias!

Molly and Jason said...

Happy Birthday Dax!!! We miss you!

Katie said...

What a cute party! You guys are so darn creative. Happy birthday, Dax!

Family von Graf said...

That looks like one wild west party! The kids looked so cute. happy birthday Dax!

Parley and Katie Call said...

It really was a cute birthday party! Love that Deputy Dax!

Jaimelee and Steven Holm said...

Seriously Kim, I am hiring you for the next Bday party I have! you are amazing!! Love Love it! We need to get together soon! Miss you guys! Tell Dax that Hud says Hi!