Friday, May 8, 2009

Cinco De Mayo Celebration

We thought since it was Cinco De Mayo this week we would cook some carna asada and have a party. Bryan's best friend Tom was in town with his family also... so i guess we should call it Cinco De Mayo/Friend BBQ celebration. I don't know if it is just because i am prego, but the food was delicious!! We had carna asada, guacamole, salsa, creamy tomitillo dressing, homemade tortillas (from Costco you cook them yourselves)  and other toppings. It is fun to always catch up with old friends. Then after dessert we played some Wii Sports to work off all the food we ate. Lots of fun!!
Parley with his Nacho Libra mask on.
Our fake Corona's (IBC Cream Soda)
The kid loves him some IBC Cream Soda
Dax's new haircut
Bryan, Tom and Brian (The Three Amigos)


Parley and Katie Call said...

It was fun. THanks for inviting us. I love watching those boys and their craziness. (or mainy just Dimaya's craziness) :) They were entertaining and so was Dax. And it wasn't just you, the food was good! I was going to raid your house the next day for lunch but decided against it.

Baldwin's in Utah said...

Looks like such a blast! I miss the Bishop parties!!!!! (You should be in party planning or somethin..) It really makes me want to move back to Vegas! But in response to your comment- you guys SHOULD move to Utah!!! Then I wouldn't have to miss Vegas so much! :)

Cherine said...

Feliz Cinco De Mayo! Que rico la comida! Me gusta mucho las fotos! La fiesta parecio muy divertida! Ciao chica! =)