Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Daxs 2nd Birthday & Brian and Michelles Wedding

I know this is like 2 weeks late but being prego and something to plan every week keeps ya busy. Well i can not believe that my son is 2 years old it seems like it flew by. Dax had a very busy and fun 2nd birthday. On his birthday he had a birthday donut for breakfast then it was off to Brian and Michelle's wedding. The kids at the wedding got chicken nuggets and tater tots and then off for some dancing. He had so much sugar and fun we could not get him to fall asleep until midnight. Dax also met his new friend that shares a love for Kung Fu Panda...Hudson. This is Dax in his new suit...doesn't he just look handsome!
This is Bryan, Dax, Hudson and Steve. Bryan and Steve grew up together and now they have sons the same age (Dax and Hudson are like 2 weeks apart). This is also the other kid that loves Kung Fu Panda like Dax.
Thanks to Hudson the kids had there candy and toys to keep them busy.
Steve, Bryan, Austin, Brian and Tom. It was fun to hang out with all of them again.This is Dax and Hudson dancing. It was so funny even if there was no one on the dance floor they were out there just dancing by themselves.
Then the next day we had Daxs birthday party. It was a Kung Fu Panda theme...let me just tell you it was so hard to find Kung Fu Panda stuff no stores carried it. The day was perfect nice and sunny and lots of playing.
Kung Fu Panda Cupcakes
Dax blowing out his candle. He would get so excited that he would clap and say "Yeah i did it"
Dax with the fortune cookies
Our Chinese buffet...we had ramen noodles, chicken, egg rolls, rice, and Chinese chicken salad.All the kiddies


Mandi said...

Love the Kung Fu Panda party!! you did a good job at finding decorations!! I hope your feeling good with the pregnancy!

Parley and Katie Call said...

I'm so glad you posted...I'd been wanting to put up some pics of Dax but wanted to wait til you did too. :) I can't tell you how much I love Dax. The other night at the Twilight party, he was so cute. You may have thought he was bugging me but I loved playing with him, I probably enjoyed that as much or more than the movie! (it was a good movie though, just hard to hear it, i'll watch it again!) I SO BADLY want us to take Dax to see the Dolphins/Tigers...please please can we go?!? :) You just name the day. Anyway, thanks for letting me be a part of his life! :)

Parley and Katie Call said...

PS-He is SO handsome in his suit!!!

The Johnson Five said...

Happy Birthday Daxy!! Ya.....I wish we could have been there and he looks sooo cute in that suit!!