Friday, January 4, 2008

Christmas 2007

We had an eventful Christmas...Bryan had to work on Christmas eve so Dax and I went to my parents house and had pizza (we usually have pizza by candle light) but this year we just had pizza. Papa (my dad) also read Daxton and Jackson a Christmas story.
On Christmas day we opened our gifts at our house and then headed over to Grammy and Papa's for breakfast, exchange gifts and hang out. Later that evening we went to Bryan's brothers house for dinner and also exchanged gifts. We had a very busy Christmas but we loved every minute of it. Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful gifts.
Bryan and Dax opening gifts at our house

I love this face he is so excited

I think by the end of Christmas he had the hang of it.


Parley and Katie Call said...

He looks like a little boy now. No more baby Dax. :( We still love him though.

Jason & D'On Marx said...

WOW! He looks so big!