Friday, November 2, 2007

Some more Halloween Pics

This is the ghost that Bryan made to scare the trick or treaters.
Treyson, Daxton, Andrea, Jackson and Ty ( All the cousins together for Dax and Jacks 1st Halloween)
This is my kind of Ghost!
Grammy and Dax
Cousins (Holland and Dax)

we were all protected by "superman" aka Isaac.


Heather said...

Ty just said...Kimmie & Bryan better put that ghost in a box & put it in the garage because that ghost just "Freaks me Out".

Parley and Katie Call said...

Heather that is so funny! Poor Ty. Kim I love your pictures. the babies are so adorable! You have cute kids in your family.

Cherine said...

Kim I love seein all you family. Especially your mom. I LOVE her. You'll have to tell her hello for me!

Amanda said...

Those pictures turned out cute! I love the monkey costume!!!