Monday, November 19, 2007

A Celebrity!

My parents and I decided to go grocery shopping this last Friday so we could avoid the Thanksgiving rush at the grocery stores. We decided to stop and get some dinner at this pizza place (Mark Rich's...very good by the way). We were sitting there and one of the workers came over to show Daxton his pizza puppet. Come to find out it was the owner of the pizza place. They couldn't get enough of him. Mark took Dax behind the counter and showed him all the equipment, dough and toppings.

So here is our little celebrity (or future pizza maker) with Mark and Rich...they also want me to send them a copy of this picture so they can put it on their wall in their restaurant.


D'On Marx said...

How fun! Love it!

Cherine said...

That is a crack up!!! Thats what you get for having such a good lookin son!!!

Katie said...

Easy to see why he gets so much attention, what a stud! BTW, Rockapella CD- yeah, crazy it's so much now, I bought it on Amazon for 15 bucks two years ago. I'm thinking it's out of print so to speak. But, they have another Christmas CD called Comfort and Joy that is cheaper. I don't have that one, but the few songs I've heard are pretty good.