Sunday, October 21, 2007

More teeth

So about 2 weeks ago Dax's top two teeth broke through and then not to long after we noticed that the two teeth that go next to the top two front teeth on each side have started to come in. Poor kid no wonder he has been a little bit fussy i would with 4 teeth coming in at once. I guess it is a good thing that they are coming in all at once. The only way i will have to worry about him choking on food is if he doesn't chew his food and just swallows because he will have plenty of teeth to chew with. This picture was just a quick snap i didn't think i was going to get a picture of his teeth so close.

His dental hygienist (Aunt Dea) says that he has good spacing for when his other teeth come in.


Parley and Katie Call said...

See, you are doing good at writing! :) hee hee

Missy said...

Poor guy. It's so much better to get them all at once I think. I love his hair cut too. I can't believe his hair was ever that dark!