Friday, July 13, 2007

HaPpY BiRtHdAY BrYaN!!

Happy Birthday are a couple pictures of Bryan i know they are not birthday appropriate, but they are some of Bryan's favorite memories!

Bryan went 4 wheeling with some family members up at Duck Creek after it had rained...lets just say they had lots of fun.

Bryan went fishing with Tom, Austin, Joey and Jesse in a secret fishing place.

Happy Birthday Bryan!!!


Zak said...

Happy Birthday! I must say that I am jealous I didn't get one of those 4th of Dimaya shirts for my little one. I will keep checking back and see how your family is. We actually have a blog at Check it out sometime!

Emily said...

Ah ha! Bryan is using the "put the fish closer to the camera so it looks bigger" trick. Jess has taught him well.

Happy birthday...I'll make sure Tommy brings ya something "Texan" when he visits next week.


Emily said...

I TAGGED you. Check out our blog to see the rules...


Parley and Katie Call said...

The pic with the dirty face is so funny....his teeth look so white! That's a good thing I guess!

Mitch said...

I love the dirt on the teeth. Mainly because then I know that you were smiling the whole time you were getting dirty. Happy Birthday hermanito or should I say "My Buddy".