Friday, June 8, 2007

Pictures of Dax

Here are some pictures of Daxton.
After 18 hours of labor we had to have Daxton by c-section. He was born March 13, 2007 8 lbs. 9 oz. 20 inches @ 5:46 pm. Bryan looks so cute in his scrubs! He is my McDreamy!

These are three of my favorite pictures of Daxton

(He looks like a little man)

Our first family Easter picture. We were running late for church, but we need to hurry and take a picture because Bryan had to go to work right after our camera is sitting on a little tripod on his car. I can't complain at least we have the majority of us in it.

(Mr. Cool Dude)

(Parley, Daxton and Bryan)

Daxton first UNLV basketball game


Emily said...

Cali was so happy to see Scandal! Dax is looking HANDSOME!


7 Baldwin's said...

Holy cow- you guys made one good looking little guy! We can't wait to meet him! You guys all look great! What a fun great lookin family!